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At times I'm frustrated by those that don't follow politics in the United States. I worry they don't vote, I worry they don't get their opinion out there. Of course, I am very progressive and very much in opposition to the right, however, I'm being inspired by a much greater goal than politics. Politics is all cyclical. It's not important in the grand scheme of things. The important part of life is what all the regular people are doing. I'm changing the focus of this blog a bit. Not because I think the Tea Party won the midterms or anything like that but because I want to elevate us above that sort of derogatory nonsense into something that is far more useful. Something to save us and save the world. Small goals, I know. But seriously something to talk about.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We live in a small community.....

Part of the time.  We love it.  I don't know if we fit in but we're definitely having a great time.

Growing up in Minnesota, I was raised as a Lutheran in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and I remember many teachings of acceptance and love.  There is a huge issue right now in this area with the ELCA and their stance on various issues.  One of which is to allow 'practicing' gay men and lesbian women into the clergy.  To my surprise there were many other reforms enacted in the ELCA.  Highlighted in a letter to the editor at the Alexandria Echo Press: Jensen LTTE.

The author of the letter clearly is in stark disagreement with me but everything stated in that letter that the ELCA has adopted seems right in line with the progression of the world.  Living in this community (even part time) we've seen local churches torn apart by this issue.  People in their eighties are being urged to move away from the church they grew with.  This is not the love and acceptance of a church I grew up in.  I really praise the ELCA and the churches that are staying with them.  Acceptance and inclusion are what it's about.  Not exclusion and animosity.

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