Why not progressive?

At times I'm frustrated by those that don't follow politics in the United States. I worry they don't vote, I worry they don't get their opinion out there. Of course, I am very progressive and very much in opposition to the right, however, I'm being inspired by a much greater goal than politics. Politics is all cyclical. It's not important in the grand scheme of things. The important part of life is what all the regular people are doing. I'm changing the focus of this blog a bit. Not because I think the Tea Party won the midterms or anything like that but because I want to elevate us above that sort of derogatory nonsense into something that is far more useful. Something to save us and save the world. Small goals, I know. But seriously something to talk about.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Divine Miss M

When I saw this headline I thought it'd be great for Bette. Unfortunately it wasn't about Ms. Midler, rather Michele Bachmann. My favorite quote from the piece is something I've been asking for a long time..... "Bachmann’s concept of Christian love brims with hate, and she has a deep satchel of stones to throw. From what kind of messiah did she learn that?"

Take a look at Mr. Frank Bruni's editorial here.

Enjoy and keep in touch. Let me know if you have any responses to this piece.